180 IQ idiot (Re: META: IQ distributions)

From: Phillip Huggan (cdnprodigy@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Nov 24 2005 - 16:55:55 MST

Weather is not climate. Climate temperature changes are non-linear but not chaotic, even if we don't know 100% of the factors involved. When CO2 levels have historically risen, so have global temps. This line of reasoning applied in the context of a singularity would suggest it is okay to turn on an AGI of uncertain friendliness.

David McFadzean <davidmc@gmail.com> wrote: There is another possibility here. Perhaps Sununu ran his little
program enough to gain an intuition into the chaotic nature of
dynamical complex systems like weather simulations. He observed how
small changes in the inputs and assumptions led to large changes in
the results and (correctly) reasoned that running on a supercomputer
isn't going to mitigate that problem. So he concluded that
climatologists couldn't possibly know with any degree of certainty
from running their own simulations whether global warming was going to

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