Re: SL4 CHAT: Wednesday, 9 November, 6PM PST, 9PM EST

From: David Picon Alvarez (
Date: Tue Nov 08 2005 - 07:41:59 MST

> Could be interesting. I can Google for it, but for those of us who are
> international, perhaps in future the time could alse be listed as GMT?
> (Zulu time) I am not intimately familiar with the offsets for the
> PST/EST timezones used in the U.S.

I fully agree with that, GMT or UTC or <insert your zero meridian base time>
is a lot clearer to all considering that PST/EST/CEST/whatever are + or -
modified versions thereof. At least most people here know that CET is GMT+1
and CEST is GMT+2, although maybe in the US this offsets are not so well


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