Re: physics of uploading minds.

From: fudley (
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 10:25:36 MST

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 "Heartland" <>

> Would you also agree that anything that exists in this
> universe must be measurable by space-time coordinates
> or otherwise it can't exist?

Certainly not! “Fast” exists, “green” exists, “sadness” exists, “eleven”
exists, and none of them have a unique time or place and calling them
space-time 4D coordinates will not help one little bit.

> my view is that mind and necessarily consciousness
> both exist *and* are perfectly tangible/measurable 4D objects.

Often we are not conscious of the time and often we are not conscious of
where we are, to say that consciousness exists in a certain spot but we
are just not conscious of it being there is gibberish.

John K Clark

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