RE: Loosemore's Proposal

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 19:14:36 MDT

> Now, complex adaptive systems theory would seem to indicate that if the
> learning mechanisms are powerful enough to make the system Class IV
> (i.e. complex-adaptive), the global behavior of those learning
> mechanisms is going to be disconnected from the local behavior .... you
> can't pick a global behavior first and then pick a local mechanism that
> generates that behavior. That is the disconnect.

As I said in my other reply, I believe the correct approach is to figure
out the high-level emergent structures/dynamics and the low-level learning
structures/dynamics together. That is what I've tried to do in the
design, at any rate.

Also note that the human brain is not as loosely structured as some CAS's,
e.g. ecosystems or immune systems or economices. It does have a fair bit of
overall architecture, which was achieved via evolution but is hard-coded in
human genome. So the brain has aspects of a CAS and also aspects that are
more rigid and less emergence-driven than in the CAS's commonly discussed in
the CAS literature.

-- Ben G

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