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From: Chris Capel (
Date: Mon Oct 17 2005 - 14:40:50 MDT

On 10/17/05, Michael Wilson <> wrote:
> Chris Capel wrote:
> > It's a position, though perhaps not an assumption, held by SIAI; and
> > as far as the views and research of the SIAI are one of the main
> > topics of this list, and this list is owned by a founding member of
> > that organization, the assumption can be said to be widespread within
> > the context of this list. But it's most certainly not widespread among
> > AI researchers as a whole, with yourself as a good example case.
> This issue is a complicated one; you can't divide the positions various
> people take into a dichotomy or even a single linear spectrum.

Interesting points, which I'm not qualified to reflect on, and
relevant to the previous thread. But for the record, I was referring
in the quoted text to the

> assumption that "strictly humanoid intelligence would not likely be
> Friendly ...[etc.]"

which seems to be an issue apart from embodiment, and more amenable to
limited generalization. I'm a bit puzzled why you quoted me, but no
matter. My opinion on embodiment, which I stated in a previous mail
(that it's not "obviously necessary [for] a human equivalent or higher
intelligence"), is my own, and not very sophisticated.

Chris Capel

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