Re: Nuclear war is not an existential threat

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 10:48:05 MDT

> The most graphic summary of these issues is probably not Jared
> Diamond's
> recent effort, but a gorgeously illustrated children's book called "A
> Street Through Time". Do take a look at it next time you're in the
> bookstore. Look at the page with the Roman street, c. 100 A.D.
> Dwell
> for a moment on the plumbing, the fabulous stone buildings, murals on
> the walls, central heating, shops, etc. Then look at the next
> picture,
> and the next, and the next, for about another 1,600 years.

Be cautious in interpreting that. True, the west lost much of
what it had. But the Roman street had plumbing, fabulous stone
buildings, etc., because Rome was leeching off the work of all
of Western Europe and concentrating all of its wealth into a
single city.

- Phil Goetz

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