Re: Is complex emergence necessary for AGI?

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 15:16:35 MDT

I will just add that I agree with everything Eliezer said in his
reply to my post, but my whole aim was to produce a /concise/ summary.
Eliezer generally strives to be correct and complete /all the time/,
such that anything he states in public is as well-prepared to stand
expert scrutiny as he can make it. Unfortunately the philosophy
of 'if you can't say something complete and correct, don't say
anything at all' tends to lead to long periods of silence peppered by
a sprinkling of annoying hints and mysterious statements. I don't
like lossy summaries either Eliezer, but recently I've had people
tell me that they don't know where the SIAI is coming from these
days, and that situation needs to be remedied. As such I'm prepared
to tell less than the whole story and retrace my steps under
cross-questioning if that's the only way to ensure that people are
aware of the essentials.

 * Michael Wilson

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