Re: Retrenchment

From: BillK (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 02:04:29 MDT

On 9/20/05, Phil Goetz wrote:
> BTW, Marr's contribution is inaccessible to scientists nowadays -
> his 1982 book /Vision/ has been out of print for decades,
> and used copies sell for about $300. I don't have one.

Chapter 1 is online as a 4MB pdf file

This first chapter contains within it a philosophical statement that
defines three levels of description in the study of the mind. Here are
Marr's labels and tasks that Marr gives to the three levels (from
Chapter 1, Figure 1-4):

    * Computational theory: What is the goal of the computation, why
is it appropriate, and what is the logic of the strategy by which it
can be carried out?

    * Representation and algorithm: How can this computational theory
be implemented? In particular, what is the representation for the
input and output, and what is the algorithm for the transformation?

    * Hardware implementation: How can the representation and
algorithm be realized physically?


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