RE: Hempel's Paradox -- OOPS!

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 20:32:02 MDT

> Well, truth be told, I end up not noticing when I divide by zero all
> the time ;)
> Generally speaking, I tend to have a pretty high error rate but also a
> pretty high rate of generation of interesting and high-quality ideas ...
> and I'm ultimately careful enough to check my ideas and remove errors ...

In this vein, David Hart just forwarded me this interview

which contains the following amusing overstatement:

Boys think that being brilliant will make them a great scientist. Men know
that, in the words of Sir Francis Bacon "men are imperfect mirrors of the
creator". and that rigor, thoroughness, and a belief in data over consensus
are what really matters. I am a blind man with a stick, and my contribution
to society is that I ignorantly poke where none have poked before because I
am more sure that I am such a fool I'd better check it than anyone else in
my field. My only true insight into the field is knowing what a fool I am.


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