RE: Parallelizing attention and credit-assignment

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 15:30:55 MDT

--- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:

> > > IMO assigment of credit is a good example of an AI problem that
> no
> > > one has figured out how to parallelize effectively yet.
> > > Traditional AI
> > > approaches to assignment of credit such as Q-learning, Holland's
> > > classifiers, or Baum's Hayek are elegantly parallel in nature,
> yet
> > > highly ineffective.
> >
> > Can you give some reason why you say this?
> > This is important.
> That these methods are highly ineffective is well-known. None of
> them
> really works, which is why none has been used as the foundation of
> any
> reasonably functional narrow AI system let alone AGI system.

Ben - It isn't well-known to me. Can you tell me a reference to
read so I can understand why you're saying this? My impression
is that the average engineer would say that
reinforcement learning or temporal-differernce learning are
the best means of credit assignment, and the average AI researcher
would say the bucket brigade or a truth-maintenance and belief-
revision system are the best means, all of which are parallel

That systems implementing the bucket brigade aren't intelligent
doesn't mean that the bucket brigade doesn't work.

- Phil

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