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On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 01:17:54PM -0400, Robin Hanson wrote:

> As far as we know, nonsentient processes created planets, stars,
> galaxies, and universes as well. And we have the process and results
> of those in front of us as well. We may well make these things
> someday, but is it really that hard to understand why we have not yet
> made them?

The space between our ears is certainly exquisitely structured, but
being too big to handle is unfortunately not one of our excuses.
Before Santiago Ramon y Cajal we could plead almost total ignorance,
but it's the year 2005 now. We know lots more neuroscience since,
and we have now nanotechnology powerful enough to pattern 60 nm
semiconductor structures across a 300 mm substrate, hundreds and
thousands of them, smallest unit switching well over 10 GHz range.

We are running out of excuses. We just have to admit that real AI
is one of the lowest research priorities, ever. Even space is considered
more important. Nevermind baseball, tribology, or TV evangelism.

Assuming page rank loosely represents human attention, the second hit on

is JAIR, which TOC is quite representative of AI today:

JAIR Volume 24 Articles

Each entry in this table of contents provides links to an individual
article and its appendices (if any).
Ortiz-Boyer, D., Hervás-Martínez, C. and García-Pedrajas, N. (2005)
"CIXL2: A Crossover Operator for Evolutionary Algorithms Based on
Population Features", Volume 24, pages 1-48.

Gmytrasiewicz, P. J. and Doshi, P. (2005) "A Framework for Sequential
Planning in Multi-Agent Settings", Volume 24, pages 49-79.

Geibel, P. and Wysotzki, F. (2005) "Risk-Sensitive Reinforcement
Learning Applied to Control under Constraints", Volume 24, pages 81-108.

Hawkins, P.J., Lagoon, V. and Stuckey, P.J. (2005) "Solving Set
Constraint Satisfaction Problems using ROBDDs", Volume 24, pages 109-156.

Jordan, P.W. and Walker, M.A. (2005) "Learning Content Selection Rules
for Generating Object Descriptions in Dialogue", Volume 24, pages 157-194.

Spaan, M.T.J. and Vlassis, N. (2005) "Perseus: Randomized Point-based
Value Iteration for POMDPs", Volume 24, pages 195-220.

Watson, J.P., Whitley, L.D. and Howe, A.E. (2005) "Linking Search Space
Structure, Run-Time Dynamics, and Problem Difficulty: A Step Toward
Demystifying Tabu Search", Volume 24, pages 221-261.

Bayer-Zubek, V. and Dietterich, T.G. (2005) "Integrating Learning from
Examples into the Search for Diagnostic Policies", Volume 24, pages 263-303.

Cimiano, P., Hotho, A. and Staab, S. (2005) "Learning Concept
Hierarchies from Text Corpora using Formal Concept Analysis", Volume 24,
pages 305-339.

Is this pathetic, or what?

Do any of you see this as going anywhere near human-equivalent country,
eventually? All the idiot savant traits falling together magically,
leaving a savant instead of a dire idiot?

That's one pretty sterile ivory tower. Industry may publish less,
but it has artificial stupidy that gaffes in the physical world.

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