Re: Transcript. please? (Re: AI-Box Experiment 3)

From: Michael Wilson (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 07:46:36 MDT

Phil Goetz wrote:
> I went to the SL4 archives to find out about the previous
> 2 AI-box experiments, and I suppose they're there, but
> there's no search facility, mentioned prominently on the SL4 list information page that
you must have visited when you signed up. Hopefully you will
locate the previous discussion of why posting is (a) unnecessary
and (b) would defeat the point of the exercise.

> I've seen numerous posters use the term IA, which is
> the French equivalent of AI, but they seem to be using
> it for something different. What is it?

Admittadly, should be in the SL4 Lexicon wiki section.

Michael Vassar wrote:
> I think the condecension Loosemore recieved exceeded that he dished
> out, and worse, provided Bayesian rational evidence, from his
> perspective, that we were defensive and argumentative non-truth-seekers.

The irony being that said poster has shown no signs of being a
Bayesian, and indeed considers it to be an inadequate basis for
general intelligence.

 * Michael Wilson

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