RE: "Hostile" transhumans (Re: Magic means large search spaces)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 15:25:50 MDT

> Combine that with a Darwinian / Adam-Smithian view of
> the universe, and it's hard to see how anything worthy of
> the name "transhuman" could operate in a way that humans
> would not interpret as hostile.

This doesn't seem very clear to me. For instance, I am
generally quite benevolent to dogs, and nearly all dogs
tend to view me as such.

> I think you would have
> to be talking about something much smarter than humans
> in some ways, but more limited than humans in other ways
> that helps ensure its safety to humans. Do we have a
> word for that?

This is one possibility, but it's not proved that this is the only one.

Maybe a transhuman mind can be created that is benevolent to humans
in the same way that I am benevolent to dogs.

Sometimes I do things that frustrate dogs, but once they get to know me,
they always realize that I'm acting in their best interest overall, so
they accept the fact that I'll frustrate them from time to time.

(Of course dogs are not as paranoid as humans on average, which is only
one among many problems with this analogy -- but I guess you get the point.)

Now, dogs of course were bred by humans to trust humans.... In the case
we are now considering, it is the inferior beast (humans) that is creating
the superior beast (the transhumans) rather than vice
versa -- which is of course a far trickier situation....


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