Re: hostile slightly enhanced humans

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 15:21:27 MDT

> The brain is very
> easy to disturb. It has a balance, it grows up with a
> balance, and it has an
> even harder time repairing that balance after puberty.
> Humans are not
> designed for radical modification. Everything in the
> brain is adapted to work
> in the context of everything else in the brain working
> the way it does now.
> Even increasing the input from one area at the expense of
> others, can throw
> off the balance enough to result in what we regard as
> significant neurological
> damage.

I disagree. We have many, many cases (e.g., millions)
of people whose input from one area is increased at the
expense of others, and in none of these cases does
it "throw off the balance" of the brain to result in
neurological damage, AFAIK.

The brain is remarkably resilient, as far as inputs and
outputs go. You can give it any kind of patterned
input, and it will adapt to and internalize it.

Chemical balance is another issue, but in general, there
is homeostasis.

- Phil

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