Re: Global Brain as Steward

From: Philip Sutton (
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 23:44:14 MDT

Hi Patrick,

> expounded by suggesting that a "Global Brain" or telekinetic internet,
> could induce transhuman intelligence in humanity's collective
> efforts.......Certainly an increase of intelligence based on free
> exchange of thought and experience would be safer than a transhuman
> intellectual singleton. Is the desirability of this path a principle
> the list can agree on?

I have thought for some time it would be a good idea to have multi-
human/proto-AGI(s) in close collaboration - a sort of human/AGI complex -
as an early stage in AGI development. That way humans and AGIs can
evolve/grow up together - increasing the chances of mutal understanding
and respect.

(A risk of this, if it is not handled well, is that the human/AGI compexes
could become dangerously competitive. This risk needs to be managed
down to being unlikely)

Cheers, Philip

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