RE: Objective versus subjective reality: which is primary?

From: Norm Wilson (
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 10:27:57 MDT

> Mitch Porter raised an amusing possibility a while
> back. Suppose that qualia are somehow tied into quantum
> dynamics, but that intelligent behavior is achievable
> with or without qualia, e.g. through qualia-free AI
> programs running on classical computers. Then by
> creating superhuman AI's and having them annihilate us,
> we would effectively be annihilating experience from the
> universe in favor of non-aware intelligent processes ;-p

I'm not amused! :-o

Seriously, though, at what point can the AI know that its simulation of conscious experience is sufficient?

[By "sufficient" I mean complete enough to eliminate the redundant and inefficient meat-based embodiments of conciousness...]

Norm Wilson

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