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Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 22:50:32 MDT


I don't mind your contributions at all. I find they usually have a
nuggest of interest, but I do find that you are sometimes more
interested in debating, rather than fleshing out your ideas. E.Y.
might put this down to a logical weakness, but I think you often miss
opportunities which I deliberately put in front of you to provide a
coherent framework for some of those ideas. Instead I see that you get
bogged down in debates with the "logical positivists" about the
validity of your intuition, rather than backing up your claims.

Frankly, I think many of the positions you put are capable of a more
rigorous defense than you give them.


On 7/20/05, Marc Geddes <> wrote:
> --- pdugan <> wrote:
> > In defense of the dissenter; sure, he has crappy
> > logic, but I find him in a
> > role more dignified than mere canary, Geddes is a
> > holistic thinking contrarian
> > on a list dominated by reductive logical
> > positivists. If a movie were made
> > about the intellectual tribulations of this
> > movement, Geddes would be the guy
> > that gets the cliched slow clap going at a moment of
> > high emotion and poetry.
> > That clap might serve to rally the masses to a
> > counter-productive
> > anthropomorphic attitude, but hey, thats
> > entertainment.
> >
> > -Patrick Dugan
> >
> Thanks. I'm not sure what 'movement' you're referring
> to here though. I certainly ain't part of it and I
> don't support the 'Singularity Institute' any more, as
> I said a while back. I'm not impressed by the darn
> right nasty antics of Mr Yudkowsky. For heavens sake,
> the TOE thing is only me putting forward the
> beginnings of some fun ideas which *might* or might
> not lead to something. Seems to me some of the people
> on this list are taking themselves way too seriously.
> As for my apparent need to be 'watched', no I'm not
> the one being watched here I'm afraid.
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