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Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 22:44:15 MDT

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> In defense of the dissenter; sure, he has crappy
> logic, but I find him in a
> role more dignified than mere canary, Geddes is a
> holistic thinking contrarian
> on a list dominated by reductive logical
> positivists. If a movie were made
> about the intellectual tribulations of this
> movement, Geddes would be the guy
> that gets the cliched slow clap going at a moment of
> high emotion and poetry.
> That clap might serve to rally the masses to a
> counter-productive
> anthropomorphic attitude, but hey, thats
> entertainment.
> -Patrick Dugan

Thanks. I'm not sure what 'movement' you're referring
to here though. I certainly ain't part of it and I
don't support the 'Singularity Institute' any more, as
I said a while back. I'm not impressed by the darn
right nasty antics of Mr Yudkowsky. For heavens sake,
the TOE thing is only me putting forward the
beginnings of some fun ideas which *might* or might
not lead to something. Seems to me some of the people
on this list are taking themselves way too seriously.
As for my apparent need to be 'watched', no I'm not
the one being watched here I'm afraid.

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