Re: The Taoist Transhuman

From: Mike Williams (
Date: Fri Jul 15 2005 - 20:10:15 MDT

Sounds like the concept of God in today's world.

But suppose this entity were all-knowing, in the sense that its superior
intelligence enabled it to accurately predict future events, which I
would guess would be needed at some level for Collective Volition to
work. Even if it never took any action of its own, just imagine how our
society would be changed if it would answer everybody's questions about
the consequences of their proposed actions.

pdugan wrote:
> Here is a funny idea, what if we launch an AGI that recursively self-improved
> out the wazoo, and nothing changes at all. Say, the AGI keeps a consistent
> supergoal of minding its own buisiness and letting the world continue to
> operate with its direct intervention. Or maybe initial supergoals renormalize
> into an attitude of going with the flow, letting the wind blow as it may.
> Would such a transhuman mind classify as friendly or unfriendly?
> - Patrick

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