Re: Fighting UFAI

From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 15:13:43 MDT

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 04:58:39PM -0400, Carl Shulman wrote:
> Faced with the first seed AI, why not ask it for a rigorous and
> humanly comprehensible set of principles for designing a FAI, such
> that the programmers could prove to their satisfaction that the
> result would be Friendly?

Because if it's smarter than you, it can probably design a set of
instructions that would seem obviously sensible to you that would
actually produce a Horrible Abomination, in the same way you could
trick a dog to dump acid on itself by placing a piece of meat at the
right point.. See "Fire Upon The Deep", by Vinge.


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