Re: Fighting UFAI

From: Kaj Sotala (
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 11:21:27 MDT

From: Phillip Huggan :
>Yes, but all we need is one UFAI red-flag to start
>pulling the plugs on our communications, computer
>and power infrastructures and ramp up FAI and MM

And how are you going to tell the difference between
a malicious UFAI request that needs to be red-flagged
and an ordinary business transaction?

I very much doubt that there's any specific key
resource that's both crucial for the UFAI to achieve
world domination AND is rare enough so that it can
be kept an eye on and controlled. Even if there were,
a sufficiently smart intelligence can probably come up
with a jury-rig replacement that can be built out of
off-the-shelf components. Assume all the UFAI needs
to do is buy some completely ordinary parts from an
online store like Amazon, then hire a couple of
engineers to put those parts together. There are
probably hundreds of thousands purchases made
online every day, and a similar amount of people
with technical skills available. Are you going to
track *every* possible transaction made online
and somehow flag some of them as suspicious, as
well as have all technically proficient people in the
world have all of their employments okayed before
accepting them? Especially when there's nothing out
of the ordinary in hiring techinicians or engineers to
work on a project they're told very little of - companies
do it all the time, to protect their secrets.

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