Fighting UFAI

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Sun Jul 10 2005 - 15:34:25 MDT

   Read through about 2000 of the 11000 sl4 messages, screened by title. AI Boxing suggested something... goofy.

  I am looking for UFAI markers. UFAI isn't fightable by humans once it gains access to the internet, but if it could be detected at some stage of its rise to military hedgemony, we might be able to activate a 99% safe AGI to fight it. It is assumed the specific pathway an UFAI will take is irrelevant because of its many advantages over humans, but it might have a level playing field against an AGI that we would otherwise not risk unleashing upon the world. UFAI = doom, schools of thought, neglect that we might have FAI as an ally. Of course, if no UFAI markers can be brainstormed, I've just wasted everyones time again, esp. with this last sentence.

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