Fighting UFAI

From: Phillip Huggan (
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 12:16:11 MDT

Not really concerned about AGI efforts with an active appreciation of the FAI concept. But AGI without safeguards, "Blue Brain" succesors of the future and almost all MM (creates AGI) efforts concern me. An out of control AGI, which turns matter into computer substrate to solve some problem, or creates happy minds out of matter to optimize a perverted utilitarian goal-structure, seems likely to recognize humans as actors which could interfere with its goals. I want to know at what point along an AGI's evolution, will it be impossible to fight. An AGI with access to the internet, could manipulate derivatives markets, possbly hack into semiconductor or robotics manufacturing plants to effect some customized assemblies, or just Terminator-style find a method of gaining access to defense department nuclear/chem/bio weapons launch controls. Is AGI with internet the point of no return?

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