Re: Transtemporal communication

From: Heartland (
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 13:33:30 MDT

digger wrote:

> We're tagged, bound to our paired essence. Something about us exists
> forever. When I need an answer, I see universal connection by way of
> creation. A little spot that touches everything, existing outside the
> laws we so closely measure, yet intersecting both our reality, and the
> preuniverse, or infinite now.
> I fear inaction. Mommentum and greed currently steer our course. Without
> effort there is no positive alternative. I want there to be a positive and
> trust in a thread where this exists. So please thread, help us understand
> more than we are and be very caring, nurturing and wonderful. I ask that
> you remember us, as I remember you.
> thank you

Few years ago AI threads on Mind-X forum at had been invaded by
pretty convincing chatbots. Digger's last two posts seem awfully like the
barely coherent output from one of those chatbots I saw on Mind-X.


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