Re: Transtemporal communication (was: The grey goo draws closer...)

From: digger (
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 12:09:03 MDT

We're tagged, bound to our paired essence. Something about us exists forever. When I need an answer, I see universal connection by way of creation. A little spot that touches everything, existing outside the laws we so closely measure, yet intersecting both our reality, and the preuniverse, or infinite now.
I fear inaction. Mommentum and greed currently steer our course. Without effort there is no positive alternative. I want there to be a positive and trust in a thread where this exists. So please thread, help us understand more than we are and be very caring, nurturing and wonderful. I ask that you remember us, as I remember you.
thank you

Christian Rovner <> wrote:
digger wrote:
> To receive trans-temporal communication, first find or create a
> receiver, time will create the transmitter that will find any effective
> solution.

I remember having this same thought some time ago. We've discussed it
briefly in the #sl4 chat room. The problem with opening a communication
channel, assuming it can be done, is that we have no way to predict who
we're going to deal with. On the other side of the channel might well be
a hostile superintelligence. If the world's destruction is your concern,
this one seems to be one of the threats, rather than the solution.

Christian Rovner
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