Re: A disclaimer - I am *not* a Singularitarian

From: justin corwin (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 11:17:56 MDT

This thread is very off-topic.

There are plenty of political mailing lists where you can hash out
these kind of things.

Similarly, if anyone did want to talk about the SL4/Singularitarian
subject raised by the original post, namely whether the US Government
is likely to be helpful or in the way of Fixing Things(tm), I can
think of quite a few better ways to talk about it than on public
archived mailing list.

That being said, Marc's statement isn't bad, and maybe every
Singularitarian should have one on file. I draw your attention to an
earlier period in our history, when the Red Scare was at it's height.
Hollywood's plight during that time has been well documented. Many
people who were /not actually communists/ went to great lengths,
accusing others, making public statements of loyalty to the US, and
generally trying to make good cases for not getting kicked in the
teeth later. A majority of these attempts failed. The HUAC was not
interested in affadavits of loyalty, but whether they thought the
person was disloyal.

The most elaborate attempt had to be the staging of a movie version of
the hyper jingoistic Yankee Doodle Dandy, in order to give it's lead
actor, James Cagney, a more loyal image, after being accused by Grand
Juries twice of being a Communist.

Justin Corwin

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