Re: A disclaimer - I am *not* a Singularitarian

From: J. Andrew Rogers (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 09:15:51 MDT

Tom Buckner wrote:
> However, if you actually believe what you are
> saying right now, and are not saying it under
> duress (are you?) then you are a fool.

I have to say that the part about turning AI over to the government -- ANY government --
shows a strange disconnect from reality.

> The United
> States government is no longer democratically
> elected, and 'working within the system' has in
> the last generation only worked for those who
> were subverting it, and they don't care about
> future generations.

The US government *is* democratically elected, and believing otherwise is primarily the
domain of people with tinfoil headgear. Newsflash: this is what democracy looks like. Your
emotional attachment to the word "democracy" do not allow you to redefine the word merely
because you do not like the consequences of having real democracy. You also apparently
forget that the reason the US was originally a Republic was specifically to avoid these
inevitable problems with Democracy, but the country has slowly been converted to a
Democracy over the last two centuries with much vigorous applause from ideological nitwits.

You call Marc Geddes a fool, but being right for the wrong reasons is just as bad. I would
not give any government AI, but whether it is democratic or not has no meaningful impact on
the outcome of such a decision.

j. andrew rogers

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