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From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Wed May 25 2005 - 01:15:39 MDT

>Ah, the hubris of ignorance. So you are intimately
>familiar with the work of everyone on the
>SL4 list? Hey wait a minute, you are on SL4...
>I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing with you here,
>but you might want to rein in that ego, lest
>it get injured by passing traffic.
>j. andrew rogers

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Let's face it, there are a number of people on SL4
with truly monsterous egos.

Look, we're really all in the same boat. No one has
any real answers, or they would have built the SAI by
now. There are just varying degrees of educated

Speaking of guesses, I might just use this post to
correct another of my earlier crap ideas that I had
posted to SL4.

When I was still at the brain-storming stage, I had
suggested that some new probability theory might
expand Eli's 4-level model of intelligence to 8
levels. This was based on my early hunch that
Bayesian reasoning was insufficient for general
intelligence (due to the fact that deductive reasoning
reasoning does not appear to fit into Bayesian

I'm still more confident than ever that Bayes is
insufficient, but it didn't imply what I thought it
did. Eli's 4-level model was correct as far as it
goes. No more levels of intelligence needed along
that axis. I had been confusing knowledge domains
with reasoning operations. A simple enough mistake to

In fact my new theory is that there are *two* axes of
intelligence. One axis everyone knows about - the
axis from modalities, pattern recognition , through
concept formation, thoughts to action plans (Eli's 4
level model). I'm sure that's right as far as it

But my new idea is for a *second* axis of
intelligence, something totally over-looked by all
researchers so far. This new axis is where my 7
'universal reasoning categories' (or knowledge
domains) are located.

So my new hunch is for some new probability theory to
explode the model of intelligence sideways. Taking
Eli's 4 level model of intelliegence and adding a new
axis of intelligence with my 7 universal knowledge
domains , explodes the complexity of the model and
would produce 4*7 = 28 fundamental categories of
thought. The resulting schematic is what I posted on
the wiki:

Of course, this new theory of mine could be just as
crappy as the old one ;)

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