Reminder: SIAI Volunteers Meeting Tomorrow @ 3pm EST

From: Jeff Medina (
Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 - 14:42:06 MST

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow we will be meeting online at 3pm
EST. The original message with more details follows. And you can
always e-mail me (,
message me (AIM: wwfaid), or call me (703-944-1386) if you'd like to
discuss ideas or opportunities related to the Singularity.

We will be meeting to organize volunteer activities and goals on
Sunday, March 20th, at 3pm EST. Head to #siaiv on

If you're new to the meetings and don't know how to use IRC, you can
e-mail me directly for more explicit instructions on how to get to the
room. (Quick answer: Go to , scroll to the
bottom of the page, and use the form there to connect to the server.
Once connected, type "/join siaiv" sans quotes to join the volunteer

Before the meeting, look over the list of proposed activities at to get an idea of how you might
contribute, and feel free to come up with additional suggestions.

See you there,

Jeffrey A. Medina
Volunteer Coordinator, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Relationships and Community Fellow, Institute for Ethics and Emerging
Department of Philosophy, Birkbeck College London
Technology Consultant, AT&T Corp.

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