Re: basic BayesCraft training?

From: Mikko Särelä (
Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 - 00:04:11 MST

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005, Ben Goertzel wrote:
> As a teaser, though, I'll note that I did a fair amount of work with
> MAXENT a while back. It's powerful but yet the maximum-entropy
> assumption about priors isn't really good enough. Yet the
> Solomonoff-Levin prior is intractable.... Is there a "middle ground"
> (not quite the right expression, I know) that works for AGI yet is
> tractable? IMO this "middle ground" is going to involve a heck of a lot
> of stuff that has nothing directly to do with Bayes theorem but a lot to
> do with cognitive science..

Some interesting things possibly on the middle ground are (self organising
maps and independent component analysis. They are computationally feasible
and show some promise.

Mikko Särelä
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