Re: intellectual property (Re: Totalitarian Assumptions in I, Robot)

From: Phil Goetz (
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 00:26:15 MST

--- Thomas Buckner <> wrote:

> I worry about the IP War which is now
> going on for a number of reasons, one of them
> being the hypothetical that someone could patent
> something the world needs and then sit on it
> (rumors abound that this has been happening in
> the energy industry, even among engineers). An
> avenue to FAI might get shut down because it
> requires violating someone else's patents.
> Tom Buckner

Let me tell you a funny story. There was an
asshole who opposed human genetic engineering.
So he filed a bunch of patents for various
techniques that might be useful in geneng.
But patents last only for 12 years in most cases.
So now all those techniques are in the public domain.

- Phil

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