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Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 14:38:20 MST

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Phil Goetz wrote:
| --- Tennessee Leeuwenburg <>
| wrote:
|>Well, I think designing in a reasonable sense of
|>self-preservation of
|>identity into the AGI and using a reproductive model
|>will mostly take
|>care of things.
| I think it is exactly the opposite. As long as we
| don't do that, we should be safe.
| The type of behavior we are afraid of in an AI
| is the type of behavior we've seen in humans
| seeking personal power and pleasure. Humans
| seek these things only because these goals have
| evolved. A constructed machine would have no
| such inner will-to-power. Neither would a machine
| without a sense of identity.
| So the only great threats of unfriendly AI are
| posed by "seed AI" and other evolutionary approaches.

That is a claim, not an argument.

If A => B and B => C then A => C

1) X is Friendly,
2) X wishes to self-preserve,
3) X wishes to reproduce

Its offspring must share the property of Friendliness in order for X not
to have violated rule 2.

Your points are good, but I would like to further deconstruct my
argument before looking around...

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