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From: Tyler Emerson (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 18:49:35 MST

> "What does the Volunteer Coordinator do?"
> The VC will encourage and guide volunteer effort. That's an
> extraordinarily valuable role but certainly no small one. In
> 2005, my time will be fully taken up by donor solicitation,
> nonprofit administration, and coordination with SI affiliates
> (including the VC), which is why I need someone to step-up and
> fill this role. The work would include: coordinating effort for
> advocacy projects, hosting a monthly volunteer meeting online,
> increasing the volunteers mailing list activity, and contacting
> and working with volunteers. I want to collaborate with someone
> who is familiar with our research aims and the logic for them,
> and willing to work at achieving results. If that's you, then
> please reach me at or 650.353.6063.

If you're interested in volunteering your skill, time and effort,
join our volunteers list by emailing with
"subscribe volunteers" in the email body.

Here's a few examples of volunteer areas:

1) SIAI t-shirt design. I'd like to have two professional quality
t-shirts available this year for selling and for use as gifts to
donors and volunteers. One of the first steps: Acquiring ideas on
possible sayings and visuals for SIAI t-shirts.

2) Link requesting. Finding appropriate sites with PageRank of 3+
to request a link from. The higher our Google rank for "Artificial
Intelligence," the greater # of site visitors. We're around #25
for "Artificial Intelligence" and #3 for "Singularity." Breaking
the top ten for the former would give a sizable increase in our
# of unique visitors per month (we're averaging 20,000 right now).
In addition to increasing traffic, breaking the top ten for
"Artificial Intelligence" would further legitimacy. URLS from
potential sites should be sent to me; I'd then request the link.
Note that we almost always ask that our full title be linked.

3) Foreign translations of our online literature.

4) Google AdWords. I'd welcome help on writing effective ads for
increasing our site traffic.

If you can help, stand up! Just email me.

AIM/Yahoo IM: tylerremerson


Tyler Emerson
Executive Director
Singularity Institute
P.O. Box 50182
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 650.353.6063

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And yes, SI must organize our volunteer base. We have ~200 volunteer signups.
I simply haven't found time to encourage and direct their effort. I'd like a
Volunteer Coordinator to work with on this complex but immensely valuable

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What does the Volunteer Coordinator do?

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 07:17:00 -0800, Tyler Emerson <>
> I'm looking for someone to take on the volunteer role of SIAI
> Volunteer Coordinator. After being our VC for two years, Chris
> Rovner has taken the position of Webmaster. The new Volunteer
> Coordinator would be collaborating closely with Chris and I.
> If interested, please reach me at A more
> detailed description of the position would then be sent. Since
> it's [a] volunteer position, only part-time hrs would be asked.
> Thanks,
> ~~~
> Tyler Emerson
> Executive Director
> Singularity Institute
> P.O. Box 50182
> Palo Alto, CA 94303
> Phone: 650.353.6063

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