The Disclosure Project

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Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 09:48:23 MST

Quoted below is a post I sent to wta-talk a couple of days ago. I find that
it qualifies here as well on the SL4 virtue of Fun.

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Rene M Finkler wrote:
> Has anyone followed the original request to familiarize
> themselves with the Disclosure Project ?

Lasse convinced me to take a look at their video
(, and I also read this article,
which seems to be a compact presentation of their views:

The entertainment value of this material is quite high, and after running
around some of their websites, I was surprised that they are not as
extremely easy to debunk as I had expected (this is most of the
entertainment value...).

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find very specific skeptical criticism
of The Disclosure Project. Here's a Wired article by Declan McCullagh (some
would say the infamous Declan McCullagh, out of disrespect for some of his
other articles), however:,1284,43526,00.html.html

And here's the jewel of my recent "ufo investigations on the web":
"An information site on the UFO phenomenon by and for professional scientists."

This guy seems credible (if some of you happen to come across criticism of
him, I'd be delighted to know -- haven't made a search yet myself), and has
a lot of interesting things to say. I will probably go over that site and
its references in detail, if I find the time.

Aleksei Riikonen -
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