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Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 21:05:18 MST

That's rather counter-intuitive: one would expect regularly engaging in
oxygen deprivation to have a... different effect on the level of

But who am I to argue with the author of 48 books? I haven't even
written 2!

Thomas Buckner wrote:
> I. Introduction
> 1. For accumulating 20 hours of held-breath
> underwater swimming within 3 weeks from start to
> finish-- 10 or more points I.Q. gain; better span
> of attention; better span of awareness; better
> awareness of the interrelatedness of things and
> of ideas and/or perceptions; finding yourself way
> better at winning arguments or disputes! (20 or
> so seconds to 3 minutes at a time underwater,
> stretching the time a little each dip but
> remaining well within the bounds of comfort and
> safety - be sure someone with you there is aware
> of what you are doing. By the procedure we
> describe herein, you must be truly underwater,
> not just dipping your face in or just holding
> your breath, because the brain-circulation
> enhancement induced by the marine diving response
> - common to all mammals - is unexpectedly
> powerful in this combination of effects.)
> The other procedure--
> 2. Accumulate at least 30 hours, 5-20 minutes at
> a time, of true Image Streaming as directed
> herein, and you will gain at least 20 points
> "I.Q." Your language skills will jump noticeably,
> contributing to 100 points or greater gain
> overall in such standardized tests as the G.R.E.
> (assuming you aren't already close to the test's
> ceiling -- see below). Your gain in more numinous
> aspects will be even more striking. This must be
> - or rapidly become - true Image Streaming as
> described herein, using a tape recorder or a live
> person listening."
> I do not have regular access to a pool and so
> have not tested this procedure (I read a real
> estate listing for a $65,000 house in Arkansas
> with a big indoor pool and wonder why I remain in
> Massachusetts!) However, the simple fact that you
> can access so much info from his site for free
> reflects favorably in my eyes. Charlatans
> generally expect big bucks for selling their
> 'secrets'.
> Tom Buckner
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