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Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 19:15:44 MST

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> The only drugs that I've experienced that give
> me the subjective feeling of
> improved performance are those which improve
> blood flow to, and therefore
> oxygenation of, the brain.

I know I have mentioned this before, Win Wenger
(at ) has a program he says
will raise your IQ by more than ten points in a
matter of weeks, consisting of two things:
1. Image streaming (a sort of
visualization/description method best done with
2. Underwater swimming, which increases the
carotid arteries' width, thus blood flow to the
brain, without drugs.
The particular page, "Two GUARANTEED Ways to
Profoundly Improve Your Intelligence, by Win
Wenger" can be found at

and I quote the first couple of paras here:

               I. Introduction

1. For accumulating 20 hours of held-breath
underwater swimming within 3 weeks from start to
finish-- 10 or more points I.Q. gain; better span
of attention; better span of awareness; better
awareness of the interrelatedness of things and
of ideas and/or perceptions; finding yourself way
better at winning arguments or disputes! (20 or
so seconds to 3 minutes at a time underwater,
stretching the time a little each dip but
remaining well within the bounds of comfort and
safety - be sure someone with you there is aware
of what you are doing. By the procedure we
describe herein, you must be truly underwater,
not just dipping your face in or just holding
your breath, because the brain-circulation
enhancement induced by the marine diving response
- common to all mammals - is unexpectedly
powerful in this combination of effects.)

The other procedure--

2. Accumulate at least 30 hours, 5-20 minutes at
a time, of true Image Streaming as directed
herein, and you will gain at least 20 points
"I.Q." Your language skills will jump noticeably,
contributing to 100 points or greater gain
overall in such standardized tests as the G.R.E.
(assuming you aren't already close to the test's
ceiling -- see below). Your gain in more numinous
aspects will be even more striking. This must be
- or rapidly become - true Image Streaming as
described herein, using a tape recorder or a live
person listening."

I do not have regular access to a pool and so
have not tested this procedure (I read a real
estate listing for a $65,000 house in Arkansas
with a big indoor pool and wonder why I remain in
Massachusetts!) However, the simple fact that you
can access so much info from his site for free
reflects favorably in my eyes. Charlatans
generally expect big bucks for selling their

Tom Buckner

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