Re: {Semi-Fluff} Anti-Singularitarianism

From: Timothy Jennings (
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 14:52:26 MST

Aaron, your single viewpoint dreams are normal.

I think Jung thought that the other characters in dreams are disowned
"shadow' elements of the psyche; fragments of the unconscious. (I am
no expert in this.) Certainly, the other dream characters are created
and operated by the brain, so they are "you" in a sense, but, like
you, I do not share or experience their viewpoint during the dream (or

I took Tom's words beyond their meaning to suggest a creative way of
ensuring moral action towards "self-aware" NPCs (ie. experiencing the
harm you do to them later).

I'm no expert in any of this so I'll shut up.

Timothy Jennings

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 08:25:28 -0800, Aaron McBride <> wrote:
> Maybe my dreams are abnormal (or, more likely - I've misunderstood your
> point), but when I wake up, I don't have first person memories for the
> other characters in my dreams. I know I created them, but I don't think
> they have real experiences. "They" is I, and I don't remember their
> experiences, so I doubt their experiences ever existed. Maybe it's kind
> of like virtual particles... maybe "they" have virtual experiences that
> are just real enough for to make these characters behave like real
> people, but all it is is my guess at what what real people might do (but
> not actually experience).
> This is an important discussion to be having because it plays a role in
> AI design. Unfortunately, I'm totally unqualified to talk about it, so
> here I stop.
> -Aaron
> Timothy Jennings wrote:
> >Maybe Tom has hit on the solution with talk of spliiting up in dreams.
> >
> >All actors in the sim are drawn from copies of the initiator of the
> >sim, and all their memories are reintegrated into the initiator at the
> >end. You would experience the lobster's fate, and either learn to
> >love it or live without it. It would be the "Golden Rule" with
> >consequences. You would likely end up with some very moral entities.
> >
> >Timothy Jennings
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