{Semi-Fluff} Anti-Singularitarianism

From: Robin Lee Powell (rlpowell@digitalkingdom.org)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 21:05:40 MST

I made up a new religion on my commute this morning (which I do not
believe in, by the way).

The principles of Anti-Singularitarianism are:

1. All the statements of belief of Singularitarianism.

2. We a clearly living in a simulation which is stretched to the
breaking point (quantum uncertainty, the Pioneer anomoly, "dark
energy", others?) and is probably centered around Earth and the
people on it (Pioneer anomoly).

3. Bring about the singularity will suddenly, and drastically,
increase the amount of computational power used by Earth (due to
super-intelligences, sudden proliferation of upload copies, etc).

4. Since they (those running the simulation) can't even keep
quantum objects in one place, they almost certainly won't have
enough computing power to keep up, and will terminate the

5. Therefore, if we achieve the Singularity, the world will end.
The Singularity must be stopped at any cost.

I figure it's only a matter of time before a crackpot latches on to


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