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From: David Clark (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 18:24:39 MST

I agree that some manual structuring of the hierarchy would have to happen
for the plan to work but I think that job could be split up to lessen the
work on any one person.
I am not quite as pessimistic of the time requirement of your number 2 & 3
but I am willing to come up with a more detailed list of initial features
(Requirements Document). I would be willing to make the effort to implement
a new php framework backed by an SQL database but I would want agreement on
the kind of feature list so that the program would at least be used if it
was created. The program would belong to me but all the data could belong
to Eliezer, SIAI or any other group decided upon. I could host the site or
it could be hosted anywhere else. Eliezer would have to agree for me to
engage people from the SL4 list in helping with the specifications.

-- David Clark

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> I like the idea, but my first impression is that to make it work would
> require one of
> 1) someone dedicated to doing curation, by hand, of the new,
> nicely-organized SL4 archive. I estimate this would take about 10 hours
> week, on average.
> 2) someone to spend a lot of time creating a software framework that does
> automated categorization of messages in a clever way (several months of
> work, for someone really good with relevant knowledge)
> 3) someone to spend a lot of time creating a nice user interface that
> it relatively effortless for posters to associated metadata with their
> messages in a way that allows a fairly dumb categorization system to
> their message appropriatel into a nicely-organized archive (probably a
> couple months work, also)
> Of course, in cases 2 or 3, the solution would probably be reusable for
> other mailing lists. But I'm not sure anyone wants to volunteer to do the
> work...
> I'll be happy to have my first impression proved wrong, of course, and to
> shown that there's a simple solution....
> -- Ben

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