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Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 20:27:33 MST

 --- David Clark <> wrote:
> Is there any more *proof* that multiple universes
> exist than there is
> *proof* there is a god? We understand so little of
> the universe that we
> obviously exist in, it seems a bit premature to
> believe in multi universes
> that conveniently have no way to be proved or
> disproved. To put forward a
> theory without proof is just fine so long as it is
> defined that way but to
> *believe* without any successful tests, sounds
> suspiciously like religious
> belief to me.

The mathematics of qauntum mechanics is describing
multiple alternative outcomes that co-exist with each
other. Now the mathematics of QM was not made up out
of thin air. It was developed by scientists over many
decades (from 1900-1955) in order to explain
observatvions. The predictions of QM have been tested
over and over and over and it's passed every
observational test.

The multiple alternative outcomes which co-exist in
the maths can only be referrring to 'Many Worlds'. If
you don't believe this is real, then just what you
think the maths is in fact referring to? Or do you
simply regard the maths as a tool or 'human device'
being used to make correct predictions? This 'logical
positivist' approach is actually pure solipsism
though, since we can *never* observe *anything*
directly and all the conclusions we draw about reality
are to some degree logical extrapolations.

For instance you are not directly observing the
computer screen in front you right now. It is a
mental model in your mind. Does that mean you should
doubt the existence of the computer?

It's just the same with QM. If you believe in
objective reality at all, you have to trust that the
picture that the maths is telling you is referring to
actual concrete 'things' out there in reality, until
proven otherwise. The maths is the best avaliable
theory and the predictions drawn from it have been
proven correct over and over and over again in real
experiments. Either you trsut the picture that the
maths is giving youy, or you've simply lapsed into
pure solipsism.

In fact I'd say that your reasons for believing in the
alternative uiverses are *stronger* than your reasons
for believing that the computer in front of you
exists. After you, how many people are seeing what
you are seeing right now? How do you know you're not
dreaming or seeing things? After all, you've never
directly observed your computer have you? Your idea
that the computer in front of you is real is a
*theory* based on the mental model existing in your
head. But QM on the other hand has been checked and
tested by a huge number of different people.

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