Re: Many Worlds

From: Patrick Crenshaw (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 18:58:25 MST

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 10:48:48 -0700, David Clark
<> wrote:
> Is there any more *proof* that multiple universes exist than there is
> *proof* there is a god? We understand so little of the universe that we
> obviously exist in, it seems a bit premature to believe in multi universes
> that conveniently have no way to be proved or disproved. To put forward a
> theory without proof is just fine so long as it is defined that way but to
> *believe* without any successful tests, sounds suspiciously like religious
> belief to me.

Hear, hear.

> I have not been to China but I believe China exists. The size of the
> conspiracy of false information that would have to exist if China did not
> exist could be possible but very unlikely. The same is not true for multi
> universes. The idea might be interesting to some physicists and science
> fiction writers but that doesn't mean there is actual evidence that multi
> universes exist. Getting the cover of Scientific America is no argument for
> or against any theory.
> David Clark

Exactly. If you look at quantum mechanics books (not popular books
about quantum, real books), you won't find them giving great weight to
one "interpretation" over another. Moreover, there haven't been any
experiments that are too new to be in the books that suggest that one
"interpretation" is more correct than another.

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