Re: Quantum Weirdness

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 08:27:09 MST

This isn't a physics list, but I do have a physics
degree, so I'll make a comment here.

I've never been happy with the many worlds hypothesis.
It's an attempt to decribe the (to us) weird
behaviour of the quantum realm, but I don't think
it's the right one. I think us humans
have a problem with perspective and our ability
to describe what's going on.

For example: from the frame of reference of a
photon, relativistic time and distance corrections
are infinite. Therefore the travel time of the
photon is zero, and the distance from emission to
absorbtion is zero. So from the point of view of
the photon, it doesn't exist at all, and the
emitter acts directly on the absorber. This is
even if the emitter is the cosmic microwave
background billions of light years away in time
and space from our perspective, and the absorber
is a satellite in the here and now.

That was an example from relativity. I think
quantum phenomena suffer from a similar perspective
problem, but neither myself no anyone else has
come up with a suitable description.


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