Re: AI progress ( or lack thereof)

From: Dani Eder (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 06:32:14 MST

> > and right now
> > no machine used for AI research (as far as I know)
> > is that powerful yet. So AI progess has been
> > held up by lack of suitable hardware.
> I don't agree that hardware is the problem at all.
> You can get 10 Tflops now simply by adding on extra
> processors. You don't need a super-computer. Just
> link together a large number of less powerful
> computers and you have a 'cheapo' super-computer.
Yeah, for about $2 million if a Beowulf cluster is
adequate. See my "Hardware Progrss" series of posts
in the SL4 archives. Someone could, if they had
the money, but my point above was that no one actually
has built a 10 Tflops machine for AI work. There
are several machines in that performance class at
present, but they are doing weather and atomic bomb
work mostly.

Caveat - I'm not up on all the AI projects going
on in the world right now. But I think collectively
this list has knowledge of a significant fraction
of such work. So I'll ask the list - what's the
most powerful hardware installation you know of that
is being applied to AI work?


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