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From: Damien Broderick (thespike@satx.rr.com)
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 19:04:24 MST

Is this SL4 material? Dunno, but it surely seems relevant to models of
pre-wired brain localization, which is perhaps salient to any AI design.

 From the same source previously cited, another footnote:

"To take one example from perhaps the most thorough report available, Jean
Itard says of a boy who appears to have spent his first eleven years in
isolation,… he seemed to be equally indifferent to the odour of the
finest perfumes, and to the most fetid exhalations…. [He had]… an obstinate
habit of smelling at everything which came his way, even bodies which
appeared to us inodorous…. A dead canary bird was one day given him, and in
an instant he stripped off its feathers, great and small, tore it open with
his nails, smelt it,and threw it away…. The articles of food with which
this child was fed, for a little time after his arrival at Paris, were
shockingly disgusting. He trailed them about the room, and ate them out of
his hands that were besmeared with filth."

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