RE: Yehuda Yudkowsky, 1985-2004

From: David Massoglia (
Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 07:23:55 MST

My condolences to you and your family about the loss of your brother,
Yehunda. I am aware of the pain of the loss of a loved one - it hurts badly
and sometimes for a long time.

As a fellow transhumanist atheist, I am trying to do my best to stay alive
for as long as possible (eating well, drinking well, exersize, etc.). By
the way, Ray Kurzweil's new book Fantastic Voyage: How to Live Long Enough
to Live Forever is quite excellent. I recommend everyone buy it (can buy on And in case that doesn't work or an accident happens, I have
also signed up for cryonic preservation. I plan to substantially increase my
chances to be around to enjoy the hoped for fabulous future.

I am very curious to find out that there is a belief that after only 3 days
that a body was not recommended to be sent to cryonic preservation. Is
there a maximum time frame before it is useless? What is the maximum time
frame? How do we know that nothing could be preserved after 3 days? Why not
try it anyway? Does anyone on this board know these answers?

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