Singularity Anxiety

From: Slawomir Paliwoda (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 01:19:26 MST

> At 12:34 PM 08/11/04 +0200, you wrote:
>>Marc Geddes wrote:
>> > Could you hurry up with the Singularity Eli?
>> > I've had it with pre-Singularity existence.
>>Geddes, do you have any idea how annoyingly unproductive waste of time
>>posts have become? If you want to see a swift singularity, I recommend
>>(among other things) that you stop draining our collective energy by
>>posting this stuff.
> While I would not like to see a *lot* of this type of humor on this
> list, I think some is valuable.

No, *this* is not humor. This is what dealing with Singularity shock in
public looks like. I may be misdiagnosing it, of course, but I've seen this
happen twice before and suspect that Singularity anxiety is what fuels this
type of behavior. Singularity is certainly a dangerous concept, especially
if one truly comprehends it - all its vastness and infinity. Some people's
psychologies seem better suited to absorb the concept while others tend to
drift away toward states of perpetual confusion.

> One universal or near universal characteristic of cults is a serious
> lack of humor.

Interesting. I've always thought that, generally, transhumanists are not
funny (or I'm not getting the jokes, especially those snobbish ones where
you have to calculate the punch line).


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