From: Anthony Mak (anthony.mak@iname.com)
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 16:25:38 MST

Dear all,
My name is Anthony Mak. I recently joined as a volunteer for research.
I am a AI research programmer working at National ICT in Australia.
(working in the area of automated reasoning, theorem prover, constraint
solver at the moment)
I have a master degree majoring in AI and I have some knowledge
of machine learning, neural networks, agent, robotics, logic, modal logic,
logic programming...etc. However, my strongest interest and
private research is in artificial morality which is why I am very
glad to found the Singularity Institute.
Are there not much activities in this mailing list?
Will there be much research and programming happening in the near future?
I am currently exploring in agent programming, gaussian process and
for my private research in artificial morality. But I am still struggling to
pluralism and gaussian process yet. :)
Anthony Mak
Homepage : http://anthonymak.fcpages.com/index.htm
Email : anthony.mak@iname.com
ICQ# : 13395246

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