RE: Psychodynamics cont...

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Nov 28 2004 - 13:09:23 MST

Paolo Ziolo wrote:
 Brilliant hackers come these days in packs of 50 - just add water. One
sufficiently stable, wise, metacomplex and capable of programming
Singularity-level FAI? I haven't met one yet.

Hey man! I'm insulted! Are you saying I'm not stable, wise and metacomplex
to program Singularity-level FAI? Who's your daddy??? ;-)

Actually I think your proclamation is mis-phrased anyway. I'm hoping I'm
stable, wise and metacomplex to design Singularity-level FAI and supervise
its creation and teaching. While I'm a decent programmer, I've accepted
that I don't have time for programming and will leave that aspect of things
to my colleagues who are truly professional software architects and software

-- Ben Goertzel

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