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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 13:52:23 MDT

At 07:09 PM 10/28/2004 +0100, Paul Ziolo wrote:

>Domini Fratres Magnificentissimi!
> >I'm sorry, did you say `a prisoner of a rave ward'?

Yeah, it was a cheap shot. But people might care to look again at the
piffle I cited before I made it.

> >But maybe
> >it's my years of listening in increasingly angry disbelief to
> >Lacanian drivel talking.
>Oh, and mind the semantics - drivel doesn't talk, people talk drivel. If
>we can't write English, how will we ever write error-tolerant FAI source code?

I did apologize for the Germanic verb dangling at the end. It's a Chomsky
embedded sentence. Let me parse it for you:

maybe it's my years [ of listening { in increasingly angry disbelief < to
Lacanian drivel > } ] talking.

>Ok, so I seem to be coming from another planet.

The Planet Woo-woo, e.g. from the paper I url'd yesterday:

< This drive to uncover the mysteries of ultrastructure has an intriguing
parallel in psychology. The field of quantum psychology began to emerge
when earlier studies of biophoton emission, superradiance and nanoscale
biological structures were linked with the holonomic brain theory of Karl
Pribram, which related macrolevel neural processes to quantum brain
dynamics (QBD). >

Biophotons. U.s.w.. Sigh.

I did find it interesting that parts of your long cycle model concur with
mine, published in my book THEORY AND ITS DISCONTENTS in 1997.

Damien Broderick

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