Re: What I think is wrong with Eli's current approach

From: Marc Geddes (
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 19:48:49 MDT

 --- Eliezer Yudkowsky <> wrote:

> Worst case of megalomania I've ever seen; the poor
> soul thinks he's Eliezer
> Yudkowsky.

Actually I think I've gone one better than you and
beaten you to all the FAI fundamentals. Sorry pal ;)

> Apparently, one of my greatest weaknesses is that my
> writing can drive
> poorly prepared minds insane, like the Necronomicon.
> --
> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
> Research Fellow, Singularity Institute for
> Artificial Intelligence

Well, you do realize of course that many people
believe you are mad too? Aren't you the one that
keeps saying you've got all the answers and shifting
your views every couple of years? Claiming that you
can get answers through pure thought, without
experimentation? Claiming that you're saving the

There's a fine line between genius and madness.

*points to primeradiant*

And here's my quote of the day:

"Conservatism is rightly suspicious of thinking,
because thinking on the whole leads to wrong
conclusions, unless you think very, very hard"

- Roger Scruton

"Live Free or Die, Death is not the Worst of Evils."
                                                    - Gen. John Stark

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